Science-backed solutions for the strategic employer. When employee satisfaction and fulfilment goes up, so does your bottom line.

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Are your employees suffering from workplace burnout?

Has soliciting creative input become a painful process?

Are your employees drive and ambition long gone?

When Teams Are Healthy, Business Feel The Benefit

When you help your employees to improve their mental, physical and emotional energy, you also improve their creativity, enthusiasm and productivity.

Successful companies grow and change over time. Power companies  examine and reevaluate every aspect of the business in the pursuit of excellence, the most important being the wellness & vitality of their work force.

Skilled, energetic and motivated staff are the foundation of a vibrant and growing business. But attracting them means more than paying a competitive wage – people are often more impressed by a good working atmosphere and health & wellness benefits when wages are equal.

With our strategic, science-backed corporate services you’ll be able to hand pick the wellness solution of your choice and invest in your company’s most valuable resource – it’s people.



We'll show you how to activate your teams intrinsic drive to reach for more.

Services Designed To:

  • Create and develop a social focus within your organisation.
  • Develop team building and meaningful staff interaction to foster team unity.
  • Improve recruitment and employee retention.
  • Facilitate a healthier and a happier working environment for all employees.
  • Maximise your investment in your employees.

So That Employees Can:

  • Improve their fitness, endurance and strength.
  • Increase their energy and productivity.
  • Increase their mental alertness, focus and drive.
  • Decrease stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Develop better communication with other members of the workforce.

Employee Wellness Programs With Proven Results

An investment in your workforce makes perfect sense when compared to the cost of absenteeism, disinterested & over worked employees, worker’s compensation, and the need to train new employees to cover for those who are ill with preventable lifestyle diseases.

High-Performance Initiative

High Performance Experience

Sign your office up for our signature High Performance Coaching Experience. Our industry leading event uses an unique mix of motivation and strategic coaching to give your workforce the kickstart they need.

Wellness Days

Allow us to take your team on an all inclusive day of wellbeing, fulfilment and fun. Your staff will start the week refreshed, revitalised and ready to take on any challenge. 

Company Retreats

Each event is tailor-created to suit the company and it’s workforce. Our events empowers corporations to improve their bottom line by improving the wellbeing of their most valuable resources – their people.

Online Programs

Group Wellness Programs

Everyone knows exercise & eating healthy is a good thing. But to drive weekly fitness & nutrition habits, this program digs deep into why employees should make nourishment & movement a daily part of their lives.

Financial Freedom Skills

1 in 4 employees are distracted at work due to money concerns. This program delivers proven, step-by-step guidance on how to get financially fit so employees can finally feel in control of their future.

Healthy Relationships

Developing and maintaining healthy and supportive relationships is one of the most important things a person can do to improve their quality of life. Many employees struggle with poor relationships at home. This program offers the support and tactics they’ll need.

Empower Your Workforce Today

Develop a workforce that is fitter, stronger and better prepared to face the daily challenges ahead of them. Our wellness consulting offers corporations the service of bringing health and wellness programs into your workplace in order to help your company get the edge over your competition with effective, productive and enthusiastic employees. Now your company can get a competitive edge with a workforce that’s recharged, refuelled and ready to work.


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